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Shipping & Returns


You just place an order and we thank you, here are the different phases that will precede the receipt of your purchase:
- You will receive an automatic email from our server confirming your order
- We publish within 24 hours and send you mail your bill corrected if necessary,
- You send us a check or bank transfer to do the amount specified (not required if you chose the option to repay cons)
- Once your payment is received, we check the actual availability of items that you are so reserved,
- We proceed to process your purchase (accounting, administration, packaging)
- After checking one last time good references, we pack the parcel safely as possible, with the final bill and if a refund check,
- Your order is filed with our carrier and we will send you by mail when your final invoice and your tracking number.
Please note that if references unavailable, you will receive with your order a refund check for the difference. These items placed on backorder will only be sent to your specific request, and in this case will be a new command.



You will receive one or more packages, and understand your passion, think, however, take all necessary measures in case you should make a claim:
- Your order can not enter a mailbox, the carrier must give you in person,
- If the package has any damage, unpack and inspect all your items to the driver, if he can or wants to stay, deny the receipt, because the carriers no longer includes the words "subject to unpacking"
- Note on the delivery slip each damaged item and the nature of the damage
- Contact the carrier immediately by e-mail or to confirm the report and dispute
- Notify us within 24 hours so we can all start the ball rolling.

NB: Even if your package is not damaged, it has been heavily abused, causing internal damage. Wherever possible, you are advised to take as many photos for the record to be successful, our experience proves that carriers often try to escape liability.
However, we hope that you will not suffer any inconvenience and wish you good reception!

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