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February 2011

Firm 2 D P K
Distri Pro Kdo
27 rue de l'Etang
12850 St. Radegonde (FRANCE)

SIRET: 483-173-597 0002 0

and client
if appointed after "parties".

Firm 2 DPK - 27 rue de l'Etang, Istournet - 12850 SAINTE-RADEGONDE


The company Distri Pro Kdo sells its products remotely by mail or email solicitation and wholesale. The company Distri Kdo Pro has no store.

Capacity to contract

The purchase of a product found on the website and printed catalogs of the company Distri Pro Kdo is not an act of daily life management, to compliance with section 1124 of the Civil Code, any customer of the company Distri Pro Kdo states to have the capacity to contract under the conditions described below, that is an emancipated minor or of legal age and not be protected within the meaning of section 488 of the Civil Code .

Customer acceptance

The failure of the customer to confirm his order automatically implies express acceptance of these terms and conditions by which it recognizes to have a perfect knowledge. These conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing signed by the parties. The purchase by email or by post also implies acceptance of these terms. They can be emailed or mailed upon request.

Modification of Terms of Use

these conditions can be changed at any time the client is invited to read them regularly. Orders are governed by the terms and conditions at the time of order.

Product features

The technical and commercial information in the files product information are provided by the company Pro Distri Kdo.
While providing the utmost care in updating information and data available, the company Distri Pro Kdo can not be held responsible for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions which might slip into the output information which has been provided by the manufacturer. It is the buyer of any checks and request any confirmation that it deems appropriate. Accordingly, in case of damage caused to any person or property by a defective product, only the liability of the producer thereof could be sought by the consumer on the basis of the information on the product packaging.
In addition, the company Distri Pro Kdo can not be held responsible for typographical errors in the text beyond its control.
Similarly, photographs and graphics illustrating the paper catalog to support the text, products are only indicative and not within the scope of the contract, they therefore not solely the business that does Distri Pro Kdo can not be held responsible for inaccuracies or errors that would eventually be introduced.


See attached fee schedules. Prices are in Euro excluding VAT and postage, however, your invoice will be finalized only price including tax, not subject to VAT. Rates in effect when ordering.
The rates of the company's suppliers are constantly changing, prices shown are subject to change at any time. They are also likely to vary due to price promotions or sales. You will be notified in advance. All prices are subject to obvious typographical error.

Value Added tax

VAT: 19.6%.


There are no customs duties for products shipped to France or the European Community. For other countries, customs duties may possibly be due. It is the customer to contact customs of his country to a customs declaration if applicable. The company Distri Kdo Pro will not be held liable for any additional cost associated with these tariffs.
Remember, the DOM TOM are considered outside the European Union and therefore subject to customs clearance.


The charges are charged a flat rate in France and the European Union regardless of the amount of the order, the amount is 23.91 € TTC. For countries outside these areas, the postage will be calculated at actual cost.


We do not impose any minimum order. The customer can order from the Kdo Pro Distri company by email, postal mail or telephone.
All orders will be processed upon receipt of payment the customer.
When the customer places his order, he fills himself its coordinates in the appropriate form. The client is invited to review their form before sending the order. The company Distri Pro Kdo is not responsible for errors in sending e-mail or errors sending parcels due to a form not filled.
Customers must before any order, making a request to open an account with the company Distri Pro Kdo.


Any customer can cancel his order at any time by phone, email or postal mail, unless it has already been shipped. In such a case, and if the client no longer wishes the products he has ordered, it must refuse the package upon receipt, ie return unopened with "parcel refused. The shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

Product Availability

The company Distri Kdo Pro works, according to the products on the basis of a stock just in time with its suppliers and special order.
Much of the items are not stored in our reserves, we mainly bestsellers in stock, then our offer is conditional on the availability of items from suppliers. Any stockouts can not therefore be imputed to us. Upon receipt of the goods by the customer with the invoice, if any outstanding balances to a card "leftovers" will be appended with the dates of availability. All balances will be shipped upon receipt at the express request of the customer. By cons for items paid for but final break, a credit will be given to customers in the form of a code "surrender" to be deducted from next purchase.
A delay of 1 to 3 weeks is expected for delivery of items following the orders from our suppliers (the delay may be lower or higher). For items in stock at our warehouse, the order will be executed no later than within 15 days following the confirmation of payment by our bank.
If the company Distri Pro Kdo can get a product from its suppliers, it will notify the customer by email, post or telephone. The latter can then choose to cancel the order on the basis of this new information. No cancellation fee will be applied for such an order cancellation.


Payment can be made by check, bank transfer or refund-cons (surcharge). The client guarantees the company Distri Pro Kdo it has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment chosen by him.
For foreign countries, only payment by bank transfer are accepted.

Delay or default

In case of delay or default in payment, the company Distri Pro Kdo may suspend all pending orders. Any amount not paid when due on the invoice shall ipso jure from the day following the settlement date of the invoice given to the application of penalties in an amount equal to one and half times the rate of legal interest . This rate equals the interest rate applied by the European Central Bank's refinancing the latest plus 7 percentage points. The delay penalties are payable without necessity of a reminder.

Retention of title

The company Distri Pro Kdo remains owner of the goods delivered until full payment by the customer. The above provisions do not preclude, upon delivery of goods, transfer to the customer risk of loss or damage to property subject to retention of title and the damage they could cause.


The order establishes that the client is not worth your order.
Whatever the control means and method of payment, the customer receives an invoice upon delivery, in his package. The company Distri Kdo Pro keeps a copy of each invoice.

Preparation time

Orders placed by mail, postal mail and telephone are recorded from Monday to Saturday and therefore the company processes orders in a day the previous day. The client should normally take several days of preparation (order processing, billing, product preparation, packaging) before shipping a product that the company has in stock.

Transport time

The company Distri Pro Kdo inform the client that these lead times are those given to him by mail and the carrier. She does that send to the customer for information. Failure to respect these deadlines by mail or carrier can not in any way engage the responsibility of the company Distri Pro Kdo. These time limits do not include Sundays and holidays.


If the company Distri Kdo Pro has the product in stock, delivery time is equal to the time of preparation of the order added to the transit time. If the company does not Distri Pro Kdo product must be added to the preparation time and transit time the time the product arrives in stock now. Since the initial deadline will be exceeded announced a new deadline will be communicated to the customer based upon information known by the company Pro Distri Kdo. In all cases, a proposal for cancellation and / or refund will be made also.
Delivery times are indicative, non-compliance with these deadlines can not in any way engage the responsibility of the company Distri Pro Kdo.

Legal guarantee

According to Article 4 of Decree No. 78-464 of 24 March 1978, the provisions hereof may not deprive the consumer of the legal guarantee which requires the seller to guarantee against all the consequences of defects of the thing sold . The customer benefits from the statutory warranty set out in Article L211-1 of the Consumer Code which contains articles from 1641 to 1648 of the Civil Code. As a reminder, this guarantee is payable by the seller under 4 conditions:
- That the defect is hidden,
- It predates the contract of sale,
- It is important to the extent that the client would not have bought that would have offered a lower price,
- Whether the action is brought within a short time from the discovery of the defect.


The company Distri Kdo Pro is released from its delivery obligations in case of force majeure.
The company Distri Pro Kdo accept responsibility for the misuse or improper use of products that the customer has ordered.
If the corporate responsibility Distri Pro Kdo should be retained following the non-performance or improper performance of its services, total compensation could, by express agreement, exceed an amount equal to the product price is causing the damage.
The company Distri Pro Kdo expressly reserves the right at any time to add new products, delete all or part of products sold or displayed on catalogs, changing their appearance or stop marketing them, and that without being obliged to give prior notification to the customer.

Applicable Law

These general conditions are subject to French law. This is so for the fund rules as to the rules of form. In case of dispute or claim, the consumer should first contact the company Distri Pro Kdo to find an amicable solution. Any dispute regarding the validity, interpretation or performance of this contract will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Rodez. The company Distri Pro Kdo but reserved the right to seize any other jurisdiction.


February 2011


The company Distri Kdo Pro reserves the right to conduct a full or partial shipment of the product. The expedition at once items in one order is the solution first.

Upon receipt of the goods by the customer with the invoice, if any outstanding balances to a card "leftovers" will be appended with the dates of availability. All balances will be shipped upon receipt of delivery charges for online orders. By cons for items paid for but final break, a credit will be given to customers in the form of a code "surrender" to be deducted from next purchase.

Package tracking

For shipments by the Post Office or carrier, following the order placed by the customer, a phone call or email confirmation will be sent indicating the number of the parcel that was shipped.
With this number, the customer can track his package on the website of The Post:
Monitoring of the package depends on the carrier and is under its responsibility. The company Distri Pro Kdo is not responsible for any errors that may appear on the website of the carrier, or bugs that could interfere with the possibilities being offered to the customer to track his package on the carrier's website.


The company works with Distri Pro Kdo Post and a private carrier.
Our shipments are for France Colissimo (Post) or carrier depending on weight and / or number of items. For mailings, package tracking is possible
For Overseas, our items are in Colissimo (La Poste) also with a package tracking possible.
For international calls, our items are in Postexport international priority mail or by courier depending on weight.


The company Distri Pro Kdo book in France and European Union (Euro zone) for a flat fee of € 23.91. It also delivers in the overseas territories and in the world, shipping costs will be calculated when the actual price.

Place of delivery

The products are delivered by default to the delivery address specified by the customer on the order form.
Where the delivery address is different from the billing address, the client indicates on the order of the two addresses and the package is delivered to the delivery address specified.

Absence the day of delivery

For shipments Colissimo (registered or packaging colissimo) post will leave a calling card in the mailbox of the customer, asking him to contact the Post Office nearest to his home. If delivery is via courier, it will leave a card with their contact details to arrange a delivery day.

Delay Delivery

It is possible that a package does not arrive on time guaranteed by the post office or carrier. In this case, the customer must first contact the post office or carrier. If the delay is very important, the customer may contact the company Distri Pro Kdo to initiate an investigation to locate the package.

Lost parcels

The company Distri Pro Kdo is required to meet deadlines imposed by the post office or carrier for the declaration of loss and return of the shipment. In fact, the customer is also bound by these deadlines:
- It has a maximum of 10 working days of receipt of the e-mail or phone call confirming the shipment of the package to declare it lost with the company Distri Kdo In Pro After this period, no claim will be considered.
- Secondly, if the client has said his package lost in the above period, the company Distri Pro Kdo deals to open a claim file. In this context, it is possible that the client application documents needed to create this folder.
- The definitive answers are given on the investigation by the Post Office or carrier in a time ranging from one to three weeks. The answer may be of two types: either the package is missing and is then returned to the client following the normal procedure, or the parcel is lost by the post office or carrier and enterprise Distri Pro Kdo inform the customer and shall reimbursement (amount billed) or performs a second consignment of customer choice.

Reception Packages

All our items are fully checked one last time before shipping the package, and are guaranteed in good condition when they are sent.
For shipments Colissimo (registered or package express mail) or by carrier, the packages are hand delivered. Carriers now simply refusing reservations about the delivery, it is your responsibility to check any deterioration or partial to the driver, and specify the exact nature of damage to said slip.
Any complaint will be taken into account by the following procedure:

- Possible refusal of the package if it has obvious damage or openings,

- Explicit guidance on the delivery of the findings,

- Confirmation of these anomalies by registered mail to the Post Office or carrier within 24 hours

- Transmission of these claims Distri Pro Kdo in two business days, supported if possible photos.

Without these reserves, the product is considered delivered in good condition and can be no dispute later.
Any unclaimed package and returned to the company Distri Pro Kdo may be redirected at the expense of the recipient.


Upon receipt of the parcel by the client, it must formulate via telephone, email or mail from the company Distri Pro Kdo any claim of nonconformity of the goods in kind, quality or quantity compared with the data on the invoice. Any claim not made in noncompliance with the rules defined above and within the time limits could not be taken into account and will release the company Distri Pro Kdo any liability to the customer.

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