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Is there a minimum order?

Very good news: NO! We do no minimum order, because we believe our customers should have the choice to buy as they see fit, simply.

See how our rates?

If you are not yet registered, you can make a free request to open an account in order to obtain a username and password within 48 hours (tentative). These will allow you later to see pricing and order directly online.

How to order?

You can select all the items that interest you and view them, remove or change quantities from your shopping cart. Once you have decided, simply fill in the fields and then submit your order. We treat it once your payment is received, check availability of your articles, publish a final bill, then proceed to the packaging to ship your packages via carrier or Colissimo.

What does "sold in multiples of ..." ?

Most of our references are sold individually, allowing you to test a product if you are unsure (e) of its success. However, some of which are necessarily sold in batches, that is to say that the price was unitary, but you must manually change the quantity (eg, "sold in multiples of 4" means that you buy the benchmark by 4 , 8, 12 ...).

Do you offer additional discounts for quantity orders?

YES! The discounts are not posted on the site, but we regularly send an updated fee schedule indicating reduced prices in case packing.
And besides the carriage, we offer additional discounts for larger orders:
- 9% on all orders from 5000 to 9999 €
- 11% pout any purchase of 10,000 to 19,999 €
- 13% for every purchase of 20,000 to 39,999 €
- 15% for any purchase greater than or equal to 40,000 €.

-What are your means of payment available?

You can pay online by credit card (Paypal), by bank transfer, check or refund-cons (Add 13 € TTC) knowing that you are dependent on the processing time by your bank or delivery by mail Post. For we remember that all orders will be processed upon receipt of your payment.

-What are the availability of your references?

When you order, we check the availability of items and then publish a draft bill, however, these references are only reserved once your payment is received. It is therefore enviseagable one or more items can be found out stocks at the time of processing your purchase and our inventory fluctuates constantly, and the wholesaler site does not allow instant calculation of the quantities available.

-What are your shipping charges?

So that our clients have no surprises due to the volume or weight of any package, we chose transparency. We have therefore chosen to systematically cover a portion of the charges, and charge our customers € 23.91 including VAT ... plus the amount of your purchase, the less you pay proportionately your shipping! If several references are unfortunately unavailable at the time of your order, we can make a reduction of these costs (in each case).
These fixed costs are valid in France and throughout the euro area and for other regions of the world, postage will be recalculated based on weight and destination of your package.

Is there a carriage?

YES! From January 2010, validated for orders which total reaches or exceeds € 700.00 including VAT, we offer shipping to any recipient whose address is in France!

How long will it take to receive my order?

Depending on the time required in processing your order, check availability, administrative and accounting procedures, the time of year, packing, shipping and receiving proper called your (your) packages, Delivery times generally range from 9 to 23 working days.

What is the "balance"?

Our online sales site with no verification module inventory in real time, it frequently happens that 1 or more items ordered is not immediately available. If this is the case, when sending your mail facure final we include a balance: it tells you the references that you can receive, and date of availability. It is your responsibility to choose the order of when they will again be in stock at your request, we will send you an email shortly before leudes actual availability.

What if I receive damaged items?

Facing the negligence of carriers, we are increasing our vigilance on our products, rechecking their substantial compliance prior to shipment, and striving to pack our products safely as possible. In addition, carriers are no longer simple reserve account on the bill so it is important to check your entire order as soon as possible and definitely before the delivery driver if you have any doubts. Thank you to refer to the "Shipping & Returns" for the procedure to follow.

What types of items do you offer?

We propose for sale early in 2011 over 2600 references available in single or batch, plush (CE) and decorative items made of solid resin Hand painted, primarily as a China. Their working methods have evolved considerably dernères ten years, the "Made in China" is now able to provide a finished work of very good quality, which is not connected at all to the bad image of the previous decades.

Can I get a paper catalog with your rates?

Previously our catalogs become obsolete, because of regular news articles and deletions point. For these reasons and ethical concern for the preservation of the environment, so we decided several years ago not to publish a paper catalog. But rest assured (e) our wholesaler site is constantly updated, allowing near real time to discover the changes, you can also download our leisure photos to show to your customers.

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