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You will find most of your answers by going to "FAQ". However, if you want a personalized touch on the progress of your order, details about an item, open an account or any other information, please contact us:




telephone:   06-28-04-91-19 (sales)

                       05-65-70-42-61 (engineering)
address :        Distri Pro Kdo (2DPK)
                       27 rue de l'Etang
                       12850 St. Radegonde (France)



Distri Pro Kdo is a wholesaler, distributor, importer and supplier of gifts and decorative items. Our site is a site for online sales to shops, boutiques, retailers, individuals wishing to make bulk purchases, stores, professsionels. We have partnered with the end of 2010 over 1400 clients in France, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, and are able to sell at wholesale prices more than 2600 items, plush and resin on the dragons, fairies, Celtic, gothic, angels, elves, cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, dolphins, Egypt, Indian, Ancient Greece, Napoleon, Templar Knights, headlights, mairne sexy farce, fire, mountains, owls, turtles, frogs, cows , jewelry, ... Rate WHOLESALERS.

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